Halifax Waterfront

When many think of weed products in Canada the first thing that pops in many people’s mind is British Columbia, conjuring thoughts of the coveted BC bud. While the western province has earned international acclaim for its top quality cannabis Canada’s easternmost mainland province is actually home to the highest percentage of weed consumers in the nation.

How does Nova Scotia stack up?

   Nova Scotia boasts the largest population center in the Alantic provinces as its capital, Halifax. Although acting as a hub for Atlantic Canada Nova Scotia only accounts for about 2.6 percent of Canada’s population however it punches above it’s weight when it comes to Cannabis market share. Of Canada’s cannabis market Nova Scotia accounts for 4.6 percent of the nation’s overall market. Not only that but the province is also home to the largest portion of cannibis users amongst the provinces with 27.3 percent of the population reporting having used cannabis in the last three months in the beginning of 2020.

A Frontrunner in the Quest for Deregulation

Following legalization a Truro couple advocated for Health Canada to lift restrictions regarding the importation of CBD oil after finding the product miraculous in helping with chronic pain caused by his Parkinson’s. A legal battle also arose from Nova Scotia in the form of planning a constituional challenge of laws regarding roadside cannabis testing and impaired driving.

East Coast Hospitality meets Cannabis

Halifax has a lively cannabis culture with each year culminating in celebration of 4/20 on the Halifax Commons. Many acclaimed growers and brands hail from Nova Scotia such as Skosha. Here at Blue Moon we offer local delivery to our customers within 2-3  hours.

Blue Moon’s Devotion to a Nova Scotian Cannabis Experience

   Some of our more polualar locally grown Nova Scotia Strains we offer include our melted strawberries mimosacherry pie and the coveted ice cream cake kush. Visit the links on this post to try one for yourself today.

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