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Strain of the Week: Ready for Space? Try our newest Space Cakes Strain

Are you ready for blast off? Try some cake while your up there? While the newest addition to our AAAA Grade Cannabis is Space Cakes. Bustling with trichomes this slightly indica leaning hybrid is amongst one of the more rare strains of marijuana, getting high praise from many enthusiasts. Origin Story    Created through crossing Girl […]

Strain of the Week: A Cannabis Powerhouse – Purple Power Ranger – Dec. 19th

Everyone had their favourite power ranger as a kid but no one could disrespect the purple one. Also known as the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger this ranger always brought the jungle fury much like the weed named after him. A quick search will make you realize the rarity of this strain and how even rarer […]

Strain of the Week Archive

December 2022 Monday December 5th – Kush Mints (discount no longer valid) Monday December 12th – KMAC (discount no longer valid) Monday December 19th – Purple Power Ranger (discount no longer valid) Monday December 26th – Space Cakes (discount code no longer valid) January 2023 Monday January 2nd – Grape Mintz (discount code no longer […]