Grown Runtz plant before harvesting

Do you remember digging into a fresh box of candy as a kid? That sweet taste along with a sugar high boost of energy is the best way to describe the cannabis strain Runtz. With it’s sweet aroma and candy like taste Runtz will leave energized and giddy like the first time you took a puff of weed. A 2020 Strain of the Year winner by Leafly we are excited to offer such a notorious strain to our customers coming to us from our local Halifax delivery service to our Canada wide mail order service

Strain Origin

A hybrid strain Runtz is the result of a crossing of Zkittlez with Gelato. This results in a 50/50 indica-sativa blend. This notorious strain gained its popularity in California quickly after originating from the LA-Based Cookies Fam grower, making it synonymous with California marijuana culture. After legalization in Colorado however this quickly grew in popularity there becoming a mainstay in their cannabis scene.

Genetic Lineage

Genetic origin that led to Runtz

The Cold Hard Stats

Statistical Profile

This strain’s high THC and low CDB gives it a very uplifting high. With a unique terpene profile containing many lesser known terpenes users will find themselves with the unique uplifting high that has mde it so infamous.



Containing a very high level of THC Runtz will give you a very psychoactive high. It’s benefits don’t stop at the high it produces it has also been shown to reduce pain which was backed up by a 2013 study showing a 30 percent reduction in paid compared to the placebo group. Besides it’s pain benefits it also helps to reduce nausea and even contains neuroprotective effects. A study in 2014 found THC contained neuroprotective antioxidants in regular THC users protecting the brain against certain toxic effects.

Cannabiochromene (CBC)

CBC’s (cannabiochromene) main benefit is its ability to reduce pain. It has been shown especially useful for those experiencing pain from collagen induced osteoarthritis. Research has also shown when coupled with THC CBC has been shown to reduce pain more than either cannabinoid would by itself. Although it may seem like a low percentage CBC is usually found in extemely low concentrations in strains where in Runtz it is found at almost 1%.


This strain contains a relatively high percentage of THCV compared to other strains. It is believed to have originated from African strains that have not been cross bred. It contains plentiful benefits such as a quick boost of energy. Its most well studied benefits its appetite suppressant properties, something unique for a cannabis product. This is done through inhibiting the action of CB1 receptors according to research. Lastly, for those with type 2 Diabetes this strain may prove useful as THCV has been shown to reduce glucose intolerance in aa 2013 study by the Nutrition and Diabetes Journal. 



b-Caryophyllene being one of the most prominent terpenes in this strain users can experience a whole host of benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anxiety relief. It’s unique mechanism of interaction directly with the users endocannabinoid system gives it a unique level of effectiveness. If you are looking for more information on this helpful cannabinoid check out our other blog that details it further:


Humulene is also known as a-caryophyllene. Much like it’s sibling b-caryophyllene it also carries anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to this it has also been shown to have antifungal and antibacterial properties even showing active against the bacterium commonly known as Golden Staph. It’s biggest claim to fame comes in the form of its cancer fighting properties. Its ability to produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is believed to be an active mechanism in fighting tumors. Humulene when mixed with other terpenes including b-caryophyllene have shown possible abilities to terminate cancer cells.


A lesser known terpene ocimene does not lack in benefits. One such benefit is its ability to reduce anti-inflammatory effects by reducing inflammatory causing compounds created by the immune system. One of its other benefits is its ability to reduce key enzymes connected to type 2 diabetes helping those affected by this ailment. Lastly, ocimene can become a mainstay in any health regimen with its antioxidant properties.

The Smell and Taste

If the name is not a dead give away marijuana smokers can expect this strain to give of a sweet but fruity candy taste with an sour earthy base to it. As for smell, opening up a bag of this bud will hit your nose with a smell that reminds you of a sweet sugary candy.

The Effects

Those who decide to try give Runtz a try will experience an early uplifting high full of giddiness but without the paranoia some other weed strains with this profile can have. This will quickly transition to calming relaxed high perfect for lying down and watching a movie marathon that is sure to engage your senses.

Our Recommendations

Perfect for an supper time bud Runtz is a great strain to relax to in the evening. It’s early energy boost along with creativity can give you a chance to socialize as well as work on projects before relaxing for the evening and taking advantage of its relaxing anti-anxiety effects while winding down for the evening.

Where Can I Find Myself Some?

Were excited to bring you such an infamous strain, if you’re wanting to get your hands on some Runtz to try for yourself you can find this cannabis strain online within Canada by clicking here. We offer discreet mail order cannabis products online to all provinces within Canada such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

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