Are you ready for blast off? Try some cake while your up there? While the newest addition to our AAAA Grade Cannabis is Space Cakes. Bustling with trichomes this slightly indica leaning hybrid is amongst one of the more rare strains of marijuana, getting high praise from many enthusiasts.

Origin Story

   Created through crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Snow Lotus Space Age Cake as its sometimes called boasts a profile of 65 percent/35 percent Indica Dominant Hybrid. Origins place the start of this strain with the grower Bodhi Seeds a family owned grower renowned in the marijuana space for their high quality organic hybrids.

The Stats

Statistics for Space Cakes
Space Cakes Statistics

      With its high thc content, this strains provides users a 20-27% profile leaving users with a premium THC experience. On the CBD side it comes in negligible usually coming around 0.8% dependent on the grower of which we only use the most premium of.

   These parent compounds also more specifically give a ∆9-THC content of 19-23% and 20 percent content of THC-A. Another notable ingredient is THC-V which has been known to reduce the appetite inducing effects normally associated, along with increasing energy metabolism with consuming weed.

   On the CBD side it has a 0.2 – 0.78% CBC content, 0.58 – 1.1% of CBG content along with a 0.15 – 0.24% percent CBN content. Each of these have their own benefits which will be touched on more deeply next week but CBN has shown benefits with sleep while CBG is often used by athletes for recovery.   

   Where this strain really shines is its terpene profile which varies closely around the 1.74 percent mark. Although this comes in lower than KMAC ~4 percent terpene profile. It makes use of that profile well possessing a high level of Carophyllene and Mycene.

  Myrcene has been shown to have sedative and anti-anxiety effects, antioxidant properties along with slowing disease progression. Its benefits do not end there however a swiss study found myrcene as a potent muslce relaxer as well as. A 2007 study by Al Omari described Mycene to reduce blood glucose levels by 28.1 percent showing its anti-diabetic properties. As an antioxidant this terpene has shown the capacity to protect skin against UV light induced damage.

  Carophyllene on the other hand interacts with the body in one of the most unique ways. It is the only terpene known to interact independently on the body’s CB2 receptors found in the peripheral organs. Carophyllene can be helpful in managing pain given how it can act on the endocannibinoid system through this unique pathway in order to provide anti-inflammatory effects. Its ability to induce antiviral properties through this pathway have also shown promising results which we recommend reading more on through the above linked study. The unique methods by which carophyllene interacts on our system along with its positive safety profile make it a wonderful terpene for cannabis consumers to seek.

   Lastly, limonene has a unique set of benefits as well. The most well known of these on the psychoactive side are elevated mood amd stress relief. Some of this stress relief may be a result of its ability to reduce the anxiety causing effects of THC. On the physical and systemic side of things limonene is capable of antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Its more long term positive effects don’t stop there, however with recent research even pointing to its neuroprotective potential.

The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene while also containing high levels of carophyllene. These two compete for the top spot so frequently often testers will argue as to which is in fact the dominant terpene depending on the batch. That being said we do see notable levels of limonene so its effects were worth mentioning.

The Smell and Taste

The glorious rare bud that is Space Cake

   This unique marijuana strain sports a creamy flavor profile of sweet cookie that smokers come to expect from a cookies strain, backed up by bright notes of fruit and berries. In terms of tastes users can expect inhaling a taste. Although earthy, dank and nutty smell when burned users can expect a sweet and sour taste from Space Cakes

The Effects

Consumers of this strain can expect and uplifting yet sedative high that is accompanied by body buzzing. This unique rare strain and the journey it takes users on is worth a try. Following inahaltion users can expect a cerebral uplifting euphoric high followed by a sedation during the second half

Our recommendations

Although we are not medical experts research shows that high Mycene content along with the THC-V presence may give those who are diabetic or more insulin resistant may help in their medical strains.Our strain of the week last week Purple Power Ranger and its high CBD content may act as a good pairing to this strain to reduce any anxiety effects some consumers experience from THC heavy strains.

Where can I get some?

If you’re looking to order this unique and rare cannabis strain online within Canada, click here. We offer discrete mail order cannabis products online to all provinces within Canada such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

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