Blueberry Space Cake growing plant

If you liked our Space Cake Strain you will love this one! The Blueberry Space Cake cannabis strain is a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts in Canada. This strain is known for its sweet and fruity aroma, as well as its uplifting effects. It’s a hybrid strain that combines the Outer Space and Alien Dutchess strains to create an enjoyable experience for users. With weed delivery Halifax, you can easily get your hands on this strain and enjoy its unique flavor profile in the comfort of your own home. You can also take advantage of our mail order marijuana program for Canada-wide delivery. Whether you’re looking for a social, creative high or just want to relax, this strain has something to offer everyone!

Strain Origins

The Blueberry Cakes cannabis strain is a unique and special strain that began with producer Cresco Labs. It’s a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the Outer Space Strain with Alien Dutchess. This strain combines the classic blueberry flavor profile with the earthy, herbal notes of Alien Dutchess to create a truly unique and powerful experience. Its effects are known to be uplifting and energizing, perfect for those looking for an all-day high.

The Cold Hard Stats

blueberry space cake cannabis strain information


One of the active compounds in cannabis, THC, is known to have many benefits for pain management and other health issues. This can help reduce inflammation, anxiety, nausea and even stimulate appetite in some cases. It’s ability to reduce pain comes from its interaction on your cannibinoid receptors. It is through this pathway that it can reduce inflammation. It can also be used to treat insomnia, depression and PTSD. It can provide relief from many of these symptoms and help improve quality of life.

Other Cannabinoids (CBD + CBG)

Although this strain comes in with a low amount of CBD it does contain a decent level of CBG. Both of these compounds help contribute to “entourage effect” found by research to increase the weed’s ability to relieve symptoms such as pain and depression to name a few.

Cannabigerol (CBG) has been shown to reduce inflammation in research making it a potential treatment for those looking for relief without pharmaceuticals. CBG has also been shown to have protective effects on certain brain components. One of its most well researched effects is its positive effects on inflammation in the GI tract specifically IBS.


Blueberry Space Cake has a unique terpene profile with it’s high content of a-pinene. Here we will explore what it is and its potential benefits.

Alpha-pinene is found in many plants, including pine trees, rosemary, and even cannabis. Alpha-pinene has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and is now being studied for its potential health benefits with the rise of marijuana culture.

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant properties that may help to reduce inflammation, improve respiratory health, and boost the immune system. Additionally, alpha-pinene may have neuroprotective benefits that could help protect the brain from damage due to aging or injury. Research into the potential therapeutic effects of alpha-pinene continues to expand but its current applications have shown promise.


Blueberry Space Cakes is a great cannabis strain for anyone looking for a euphoric, creative experience that is relaxing. It’s rare profile of cannabinoids and terpenes makes it perfect for those looking for relief from pain or insomnia. Many users report a boost in happiness also making it a great strain for those experiencing depression symptoms.

Our Recommendations

Blueberry Space Cake is a great evening weed strain. Its cerebral effects give it a boost to those looking to socialize or get a creative boost. Its relaxation effects helps sedate consumers that experience insomnia. We highly recommend this strain for those looking for relief from pain. Anyone looking to obtain relief from depression or insomnia can also expect to achieve that from this strain.

Aroma and Flavour

Blueberry Space Cake cannabis strain is a hybrid strain with an aroma and flavour that will take you to the tropics. It has a sweet and fruity scent, with notes of blueberry and tropical fruits. The taste is even more intense, with a strong sweet blueberry flavour that lingers on the tongue. This strain is sure to give you an unforgettable experience

Available for Local Halifax Delivery or Mail Order

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