Thoughts of the word Mac conjure up thoughts of oversized things such as a a Big Mac or a Mac Truck. Make no mistake the Mac in the name of this strain will not leave you disappointed with any big expectations you have of it. With its incredibly high THC percentage it is destined to leave you feeling like you have been just hit by a Mac truck. Known for its difficulty to grow we are excited to offer you an opportunity to try this unique marijuana.

Origin Story

Mac 1 or as its also know “the Mac” is the result of careful cross breeding between Alien Cookies F2 and Miracle Mac. This results in a perfectly balanced hybrid that is 50% sativa and 50% indicia. Terpene wise you will also notice a funky terpene profile that we will get into later in this blog, that comes with many uses.

Genetic Lineage

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Genetic lineage of Mac 1

The Cold Hard Stats

Statistics for MAc 1
Statistics of mac 1

Looking at the stats its easy to see where Mac 1 shines. With its incredibly high level of THC this weed is no joke. However the only cannabinoids it shines on is not only THC as it contains a high concentration of CBGa (Cannabigerolic Acid). When it comes to terpenes this bus will not leave you unsatisfied either with a words array of different compounds some of which are found in incredibly high concentrations such as limonene.

CBGa (Cannabigerolic Acid)

Cannabigerolic Acid, known as the parent cannabinoid, is the origin of all other cannabinoids in the plant’s growth cycle, including the more famous THC and CBD, as well as other lesser-known ones.

Research has suggested two main benefits from CBGa consumption. The first comes from its aid in reducing aldose reductaste. High levels of this enzyme can contribute to oxidative stress especially in the heart which can be especially problematic for those with cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Given the 8 percent CBGa found in Mac 1 it would make a great strain for those looking to gain this specific antioxidant benefit.

Speaking of diabetes. Research has also shown CBGa useful in reducing cholesterol by increasing lipid metabolism. The mechanism by which it does this is through stimulation of the PPAR receptors, a type of receptor that regulates metabolism. This metabolism regulation could prove it to be useful in helping diabetes.

Other research has pointed to CBGa’s ability to help with colon cancer as well as polyps. Findings reported that CBGa not only killed colon cancer cells but also prevented the growth and proliferation of polyps. Having polyps untreated eventually could lead to cancer, highlighting another medicinal benefit of this less known but very important cannabis compound.


Mac 1 is packed with a wide array of terpenes including a very high concentration of Limonene along with substantial concentrations of lesser known terpenes like a-bisabolol and a-humulene.


Those looking for the benefits of limonene are sure to find them by making Mac 1 their strain of choice. From a safety profile limonene is well tolerated by the body and produces no carcinogenic, mutagenic, or nephrotoxic risk to humans so users can rest safe assured no harm is created by consuming this compound. In terms of positives limonene has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as neuroprotective benefits.

Limonene’s anti inflammation properties come from its ability to reduce to nitric oxide production; a key molecule that causes inflammation especially for osteoarthritis patients. It is also able to inhibit many inflammation causing factors that are notorious for causing inflammation such as TNF_a.

Its antioxidant benefits derive from its ability to suppress genes that produce MMPs, proteins that breakdown other extracellular molecules. This mechanism gives it antioxidant effects leaving your body healthy and free from oxidative damage.


A lesser known terpene, a-Bisabol still packs a punch. Like limonene it contains many antioxidant properties through its ability to regulate extracellular functions such as inhibiting the ability of infected cells. In addition to this it also contains antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammation properties.

The Effects

For those looking for an uplifting, creative high, Mac 1 is the strain for you. Users will find themselves uplifted with a rush of euphoria as they begin to toke. This will quickly transform into feelings of creativity and happiness. The high THC content is sure to leave consumers with strong effects.

Our Recommendations

Mac 1 is a great strain for anyone looking for a cannabis to use at all times during the day or even in the evening. Its well balanced profile makes it a very versatile bud

Where can I try it for myself?

It is our pleasure to bring this notoriously hard to grow unique variety to our customers, further adding to impressive selection. We hope our site visitors will take advantage of mail order marijuana service. While our local visitors to the online store from the Halifax Nova Scotia area will take advantage of our fast local delivery. Regardless the method Blue Moon is here to provide a reliable option for cannabis Halifax along with Canada wide!

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Research shows that consuming CBGa can reduce the aldose reductase enzyme, which can lead to oxidative stress, especially in the heart. Mac 1 contains 8% CBGa, making it a good strain for those needing antioxidant benefits.

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