With another year closing out we would like to thank the many loyal customers that have continued their trust in us along with the customers who just started their Blue Moon journey in the past year. It is with much joy that we were able to bring on a local halifax weed delivery service with our site bluemoonhfx.com.

  It is with this same passion to bring our great products to local customers as well as cannabis consumers across Canada that we carry into the new year. From larger markets such as Ontario and British Columbia to the smaller communities throughout Atlantic Canada there are many great things we have in store for the beginning of this year.

Marijuana Flower Product Testing

  Beginning this quarter we will be testing all of our flower products and providing this information on all of our product pages. Using the My DX analyzer our customers will be able to utilize the Total Canna Profile™ (TCP) it provides. This gives our customers a whole host of information which they can use to find the best cannabis flower for their usage such as the following:

  • A breakdown of the percentages of certain cannibinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN.
  • A list of terpenes contained in the strain along with their respective amounts
  • A breakdown of ailments that the strain will help with
  • A list of feelings the strain will produce

  We hope this information will give our customers a higher level of transparency and greater level of information regarding the product they are purchasing. We have always known our product stands above the rest and this is our way of showing it!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  CBD oil takes many forms from its purest formulation of CBD isolate to its more raw form in the case of full spectrum CBD oil. The main difference between the two are their contents. In the case of full spectrum CBD oil you are getting all the additional parts of the plant such as essential oils, cannabis plant extracts, terpenes and other cannibinoids such as cannabinol. With a CBD isolate consumers are left with only the pure CBD therefore leaving out the additional benefits from the other compounds. This however can be beneficial for people that are new to cannabis products and want to avoid the small level of THC found in full spectrum products.

The Benefits

  By containing other compounds found in the cannabis plant consumers can benefit from the effects found in these compounds in addition to the synergistic benefit each compound has on the effect of the other. This synergistic effect is often called the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect comes from many compounds, such as terpenes like beta-carophyllene that interact with endocannibinoid system directly to increase effects such as the relief of pain. Research has suggested that this effect in conjunction with CBD can increase the level of anandamide in our bodies which has been associated with pain reduction and mood improvement.

Hash Vape Cartridges

One of our upcoming products we will be happy to offer our clients is hash vape pen cartridges. Giving our hash customers a more accessible way to consume the hash they have come to know and love from us this cartridge will work on any vape pen capable of handling a 0.5″ threaded cartridge. Hash consumers will know that the feeling of relaxation and euphoria from hash is of a different sort to that experienced from cannabis flower.

We’re excited to welcome you in the New Year!

  We’re excited to share with you what we have in store this quarter. To share this excitement for you this week we will be running a discount code of 5 percent available on all products, just enter discount code NewYear2023.

  From our Canada wide customers on bluemooncanada.com to our customers utilizing the local halifax weed delivery service on bluemoonhfx.com we are excited to continue to serve you the highest quality product you have come to expect from us.

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